What makes a great guide

A guide can make or break your trip.  Most of the time they are “exceptional” and will “surpass expectations.” Apart from their mountain competence, they are a pleasure to be with. They are friendly and caring people who enjoy the social aspect of the job.

1. Our guides are correctly qualified

That is to say, to work for ‘Corsica Adventure’, you need to have the ‘International Mountain Leader qualification.’  It takes 3 years to complete the training, it is rigorous. Once you have this certificate, it takes time and experience to mature as a great guide!

2. Special Moment

They will find special moments and opportunities to do things that you will never forget. Experiences like, inviting you to watch the sunrise from a lighthouse, sipping an aperitif on a summit, milking goats, or helping a shepherd with his cooking! They use their local connections and insider knowledge to grab such opportunities.  They are what I call the ‘Wow factors.’

3. Love Corsica

Our guides either live in Corsica full time, or it’s their second home and they spend a large part of the year here.  They love the place and can offer some real insight into the island’s people and traditions.

5. Logistics

Guides organise all the logistics and keep it hassle free. They have back-up from the office team to find solutions to weather, transport, or any other unforeseen problems that arise.  They have a calm, logical approach and will always find solutions.

Written by Frédéric Cesari

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