Weather Update in Corsica

What’s happening with the weather in Corsica? High temperatures and violent winds, it’s been an extraordinary winter…February has been extremely mild and we are looking forward to a calm Springtime.

To the lighthouse!

The most remote coastline in Corsica, a Genoese tower, and a night in a lighthouse, Théo thinks this is quite the best family walking adventure in Southern Corsica. Walk the coast, Campomoro to Tizzano, en famille !

Bacchus est une Femme

Wanting a picnic to explore the Parata, or take on a hike on the Crêtes whilst in Ajaccio on your walking holiday, or just looking to explore Napoleon’s home town and need a flavoursome bite to eat, this is one of the local favourites…

Eat More, Get Fitter

Thankfully, the old tired practices of restricting calories and resisting temptation are over.
If you are looking to get fitter, healthier and happier  in 2020 you do not have to go hungry, or cut down on food.

Secrets of the Maquis

Corsica has a rich and varied vegetation. The maquis or ‘macchia’ is the name given to the scrubland that covers the hills. Amongst the plants that are found in the maquis78 of them are endemic.

Hiking Ajaccio Corsica Aventure

Summits by the Sea

Above Ajaccio « If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it… » The Cinaruggia is a great little summit walk, or a good cross country run. It’s right on our doorstep, I like pairing it up with a swim afterwards in one of the nearby creeks.


A Short break in Ajaccio

Corsica Adventure’s first guide, Mark Smith, hopped on and off flights from Peru, making his way gradually closer to me in Corsica. I was due to pick him up in 24 hours at Ajaccio airport and was …

Group in Corsica with Corsica Aventure

Super Guides

What makes a great guide A guide can make or break your trip.  Most of the time they are “exceptional” and will “surpass expectations.” Apart from their mountain competence, they are a pleasure to be with. They are friendly and caring people who enjoy the social aspect of the job.

Arche de Corte

The Corte Arch

The Corte Arch or « l’arcu di u Sandulaghju » The first Sunday in September at 9h00, will see the depart of the Corte arch race.  It leaves from the town and heads up into the mountains above, to the famous rock formation, known as ‘the arch.’


GT20 Biking

This summer has seen the launch of an official long distance cycle route in Corsica, called the GT20. The island already boasts a long distance hiking trail that has worldwide notoriety, so it seemed only fitting that there should be a long distance cycle route to compliment it.

  • GR20 Records

      The GR20 is considered the hardest long distance trail.  For most hikers taking two weeks,  it’s a challenge, imagine the exploit to run it.  The terrain is particularly technical,  rough and rocky with numerous scrambling sections.  It spans 180 kilometres  and incorporates 14,000 metres ascent and 14,000 metres descent.

  • Lakes

    The high altitude  lakes in Corsica are of glacier origin, they formed  14,000 years ago and are of varying size and depth. The majority of lakes are situated between 1700 and 2200 metres altitude. Many of the lakes are surrounded by a sort of turf, called pozzines or pozzi. 

  • Nuthatch

    The Nuthatch, or Sittelle, is a small bird that is noisy, agitated and full of exuberance.  It’s about 12cms high and weighs around 12 grams.  It has  a white eyebrow and a black/grey head cap with a white tummy. If you spot a small bird in a pine tree and have a doubt that it’s… Read more »