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Hôtel Dominique Colonna

Situated at the entrance of the Restonica Valley (classed as a Grand site de France) the  ‘Dominique Colonna’ hotel nestles  on the banks of a beautiful pounding river.  It is surrounded by a landscape of astonishingly wild beauty.

Nataly Colonna re-designed and refurbished the hotel in 2014.  There is a tremendous harmony between the rugged natural exterior and the  snug interior. Great care has been taken to use natural materials, wooden headboards and cool stone floors. The firm mattress,  soft billowing marshmallow like duvet and the lull of the gurgling river, all make for a deep nights sleep.  Every detail has been carefully thought through to help you relax and to cultivate a sense of well being.

At the end of the valley, there are two glacier lakes, Melo and Capitello. If you continue up higher, you arrive on the mythical GR20 hiking trail.  There are endless possibilities and peaks, this is really the finest walking that Corsica has to offer.  Other activities on the doorstep, include, canyonning, rock climbing, or cycling.  

A plunge into the river, with it’s smooth granite pebbles and icy clear water is stimulating.  However, you may prefer a swim in the hotel’s private swimming pool, heated to 27°C. There is a poolside service, a small choice of  healthy meals and delicious smoothies. The staff  are friendly, attentive and genuinely want you to enjoy your time with them.

The hotel is only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre, Corte is the island’s historical capital, at one time,  it was the seat of the Corsican government.  The narrow cobbled streets, lined with restaurants, lead up to the citadel that houses the anthropology museum.

The hotel has many inviting shady  places to lay back and listen to a pod cast, or enjoy  a good  book.  In the evenings,  sweet  jasmine perfumes the  air, gentle background music and candle light all contribute to the calm ambience

The small massage tent, can be quite an experience. As you settle onto the table, you can feel the cool breeze wafting from the river, you may  hear the bleating of  far off goats and the rhythmic chirping of  cicadas. With almond and myrtle oil seeping into your skin, you can drift  into a dreamy hypnotic state.

The hotel has  29 rooms and 2 suites that are all different.  The rooms overlook the river, the garden and the mountains.  It is ideal for a family, or a couple, the  bedrooms  give you the opportunity to enjoy quality time together.

For a stay in the Dominique Colonna, take a look at our Corsican Island Mystery, or Mountains to the Sea holiday.

Written by Frédéric Cesari

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