This summer has seen the launch of an official long distance cycle route in Corsica, called the GT20. The island already boasts a long distance hiking trail that has worldwide notoriety, so it seemed only fitting that there should be a long distance cycle route to compliment it.

The GR20 hiking trail traverses the island diagonally and consists of 200kms with 12,000m altitude change.  This new cycle itinerary covers a distance of 600kms, with 9500m altitude gain, broken down into 12 stages. It covers some beautiful parts of the coast, as well as the rugged interior.

The possibilities for cycling in Corsica were shown to the world, when the Tour de France famously came to do part of the race here six years ago in 2013 for its centenary edition. Cycling in Corsica can be a serious undertaking but we also have more leisurely options for those who prefer a calmer pace.  All of our cycling holidays are on roads and are self-guided.  Nicola, our Product Manager, is adept at doing tailor made itineraries to meet the requirement of every kind of rider, just look at the feedback on tripadvisor.  The scope for holidays has opened up immensely since the introduction of electric bikes.  They allow couples that have different fitness levels to do the same holiday, the strongest person on a traditional bike and the other on an E bike. It takes away all the restrictions and makes it possible to do long days, hard climbs and consecutive rides. You can choose when you want the motor to kick in and the lightweight battery can be charged up over night. You will be able to cycle further, faster and steeper.

Written by Frédéric Cesari

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