Our season opened on the 7th April and our first clients this year  had chosen the ‘Mare a Mare North’ itinerary. The uniqueness of this holiday lies in the contrast it offers between the cool, remote mountain interior and the contrasting warmth of the coastal paths. 

I met our couple at the train station in Ajaccio and it was clear that they were very much looking forward to their holiday. The journey starts with a picturesque 2 hour train journey to Corte, the island’s historical capital.

After a short taxi ride from Corte,  the airy snow capped Niolu mountains come into view.  Whilst we always transport our clients’ main luggage, I was  reassured to see that they had packed extra warm clothing and food in their daysacks given the time of year and late start.  They were well prepared and I gained the impression that they were ready for any surprises that the Corsican weather and  mountain terrain could throw at them. 

The Niolu valley, is still isolated during the long winter months but  in April,  the area is jolted out of hibernation as the walking season gets under way. That evening I received a message that read,

 “We are sat in the restaurant, we were lucky with the weather, have just eaten the best wild boar stew we have ever had. Walking was great.“

There has been a lot less snow this year and the rivers are not their usual, pounding torrents of water. However, with the weather being still unpredictable, we are able to provide an alternative  to the alpine walk in the Golu valley with a trek at a lower altitude, through a scented, pine tree forest and chestnut woods. The lower altitude provides a warmer and easier  walk.  By dropping down just 300 metres in altitude, it can make a huge difference to the experience.  The island is known for its microclimates and we are happy to be able to provide the best alternatives to suit any adverse conditions.

The itinerary progresses from Evisa, a charming, mountain village at 830m, down through the Spelunca Gorge to  Piana.  Piana has all the charm of a mountain village but is right on the coast above the most spectacular sea cliffs.  I received a second message that read,

”We have just eaten the best Sea Bass ever, now watching the sun set.  Life is good, we thouroughly enjoyed it all. Many thanks for your help!”

To see more please take a look at Mare a Mare North.

Written by Frédéric Cesari

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